About Us

ProfilistLED brings new perspective in lighting market, its story has begun in 1994. We are offering most suitable lighting solutions to our customers with our professional team and our 20 years of experience in lighting market.

ProfilistLED makes difference with its high quality extruded aluminum profiles, which are produced with the latest technology. These aesthetic profiles offer a perfect light distribution alongside being able to fit the design of space where they are used. Each profile is designed in a unique shape, look and dimensions so that we are able to fulfill any request.

Mission & Vision

Unique projects needs partners who can bring to life unique ideas, partners that do not limit themselves with stock or minimum order quantity, partners who are willing to do an extra effort. Our mission is to produce extruded LED aluminum profiles with unique colour, shape and dimensions, to do that extra effort for perfect results at each project.

We are aware that each customer has different requirements, as a result of this we have designed our products to be modular, besides being aesthetic and practical, so that we can be able to fulfill each and every requirement of our customers.

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